Over 40 blue chip companies already transacting with the JETS Social Currency

Since its launch in 2015, JET8 has tokenized the influencer industry.

In 2018, with the network reaching over 400M social accounts, JET8 is taking the JETS social currency to the blockchain.

Co2Co™ Engagement

Geo-stickers and Geo-frames give brands the best opportunity to be part of a consumer's digital journey. These are used in the creation of daily moments (selfies, pictures and videos) and published to multiple social media platforms simultaneously by users. Engagement from this user generated content can be 10x higher than average mobile ad formats, and is more relevant than ever with Co2Co™ technology. Generate real time sales and reward users with JET8’s powerful social currency, JETS.

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Social Sampling

Giveaways and other sampling formats traditionally convert only 3-5% of sampled communities. With digital social sampling you can target, customise and convert through a smart data dashboard. With the distribution of currency cards used to redeem product samples online or at physical retail stores, brands can determine consumer mindset, as well as monitor the discovery, acceptance and redemption of a sampled product.

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Data Mining

User Data Exchange creates an open marketplace where users and brands can decide between themselves when and how to exchange data. Users are prompted in-app to decide whether or not to share their data, and are rewarded when they do.

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Full Stack App

In the app, users can create selfies or videos, attach Geo-frames or Geo-stickers, and publish posts to multiple social media platforms simultaneously, earning JETS as they go! The FSA offers anyone their own social media app with which to connect, reward and sell to their own community. The JET8 dashboard allows the app owner to focus on marketing and community growth. Customized apps are released to Google Play and the App Store.

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JET8’s social currency JETS is already accepted at thousands of points of sale

Every month, thousands of transactions are already taking place in convenience stores around the world. Buy a soda or chocolate bar or top up your data with JETS through the JET8 Wallet!

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JET8’s user-friendly analytics access to user engagement dashboard gives you direct and reach, in real time.

Users accumulate JETS when garnering engagement with their sponsored posts. This social currency fuels the ecosystem of brands.

Sell directly to those users that are engaging with your brand on social. With JET8’s mobile marketplace API your ROI becomes a real time conversion rate.

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