Coca-Cola Vietnam
Coca Cola launched their #Cokekiss campaign in order to help young adults avoid the afternoon slump and engage the youth of Vietnam. Teens were encouraged to take part in an ‘upliftment moments’ challenge, where they used the JET8 Fotoku app to share their moments with Coke.

15 million mobile teens engaged with the campaign which received 25,440 submissions, beating Coke KIP by 27% and bringing sales up by 3 points. With over 1 million mobile video views, campaign engagement increased 266.5% compared to before the campaign, and KOL engagement of over 150K was reported. 5,600 cans were delivered through the in-app system contributing to an impressive ROI increase of 229%.
Pond's Vietnam
Silver at MMA Smarties
Pond's Vietnam their Real Beauty needs #nofilter campaign using JET8's Fotoku app to engage their audience. They reached over 65% of their intended target audience, and within 20 days they achieved 9,090 unique posts on Fotoku and reached over 17.4 million social accounts. With a sales increase of 30% Pond's Vietnam is a true Success Case for decentralized social engagement.
Cream Silk Philippines
Cream Silk partnered up with the Miss Universe Content Philippines and JET8 to deliver an impressive 16 million account reach with their social media campaign. 39% of those who engaged bought Cream Silk products either in-store or online through the app, and products sold out in 14 days. Cream Silk reported a 6% share growth as a result of the campaign.