JET8, the digital ecosystem solution for fan engagement.

Fans spend a huge amount of time creating, consuming, and sharing social media content — making them not only users, but mobile influencers.

Why not reward them for their support?

In exchange, your music event receives great brand exposure, organic user-generated content, and even increased sales.

Your fans are your greatest asset.

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Turn a 3-day event into a 365-day program.

Take a three-day festival and convert it into months of valuable programming through online initiatives and additional events. Brands gain increased visibility, greater value and more opportunities than ever for sponsors and partners.


Engage fans before the festival even starts. Publish exciting content for fans to co-create and share to build pre-event hype.

During the Event

Fans co-create your event with the content they share. Now you can centralize and maximize this content within your own app.


The fan experience doesn't end when the festival is over. Stay connected to fans via the app and promote your next event.

Ready to take the engagement of your Music Festival to the next level?

For the Festival

Grow your fan-base and build a Festival of the future, with digital engagement technology.

  • One fan, one digital profile.
  • Reporting & analytics.
  • In-app behavioural analysis.
  • Data visualisation.
  • Highly scalable architecture.
For fans

Reward fans as influencers, as they share their love for the club in a new way.

  • Real-time notifications.
  • Reward fans for content.
  • Score alerts, fan video reviews.
  • Connect fans with sponsors.
  • Personalised offers & promos.
For sponsors

An active mobile fan-base creates new opportunities for sponsors, improving ROI and sales.

  • In-app e-shop for club & brands.
  • Product merchandising.
  • Highly targeted promotions.
  • Maximise sponsor ROI.
  • Monetise with sponsorship.
  • One fan, one digital profile.
  • Reporting & analytics.
  • In-app behavioural analysis.
  • Data visualisation.
  • Highly scalable architecture.
  • Real-time notifications.
  • Reward fans for content.
  • Score alerts, fan video reviews.
  • Connect fans with sponsors.
  • Personalised offers & promos.
  • In-app e-shop for club & brands.
  • Product catalogue merchandising.
  • Highly targeted promotions.
  • Maximize the sponsors’ ROI.
  • Monetise with sponsorship.

Every attendee has unique story!

Let each attendee tell their own story, instantaneously, for a diverse, true-to-life portrayal of any show or festival — with the endorsement of hundreds of fans on social media!

Geo-Frames & Geo-Stickers

Geoframes and Geostickers give you the best opportunity to be part of a consumers’ digital journey, special moments, and conversations. Engagement from user generated branded content using Geoframes and Geostickers can be 10x higher than the average mobile ad formats.

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    Invite users to create branded user generated content (UGC) with your sponsors and reward them for the engagement they generate.

  • user-experience-icon

    Amplify the user experience, give them easy and fun ways to share their pictures and moments on social networks.

  • branded-assets-icon

    Each asset collection is designed to connect to a specific moment or set of moments - refresh your content for every campaign.

  • monitoring-icon

    Take control of UGC and share only the best content thanks to our monitoring team.

  • engagement-sales-icon

    Use branded UGC to attract additional brand sponsorship and help sponsors increase ROI and sales.

  • hyper-targeted-assets-icon

    Control who can create content, when they can see it, and where.


Take engagement to the next level with our Social Token.

When a user generates social engagement, they earn our virtual currency — JETS.

It’s as easy as that!

Cashless payments are on the rise.

Music Festivals become a totally immersive experience for fans, with their own user-friendly Festival app! Payments, ticketing, and personalisation all take their experience to the next level.


Top up

Use the mobile app for easy top ups. Compatible with all currencies and credit cards.

Reduce fraud

Multiple layers of redundancy and security make in-app payments a robust cashless solution.

Customer intelligence

Match sales data with fan demographics for in-depth reporting to impress sponsors.


Minimise theft and cash handling on-site with in-app payments.

Stable income

Stable income year-round with our ongoing revenue program.

Post event reporting & analytics

Replace your traditional reporting with rich sales insights and data whilst streamlining your post-event vendor reconciliation.

Let selfies spark your sales.

Users can top-up and spend JETS Points on your products directly within the app, maximizing return on investment. Be seen as a leader and innovator, delivering an exciting and enjoyable mobile experience.

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Offer your Fans the possibility to buy the season pass, match tickets and special events tickets before anyone else.
Integrate limited time Flash Sale promotions to clear stock or offer discounted products & experiences to your most valued customers.
Avoiding the replica market, now you 
have control over in-app sales and redemption at authorized points of sale.
Sell team merchandise directly from your App E-Shop for pick-up at the venue, or delivery before or after the event.
Listing partners and sponsors products in your App E-Shop creates new revenue opportunities for the festival and a better offering for your fans.
Control ticket resales and black market sales with a ledger of all your sellers and every transaction.

Provide new opportunities for sponsors to connect with your fan community.

30% of fans buy products connected to a brand sponsoring their favoured band or festival across social media.

Data insights
Collect, analyse and share valuable attendee information and trends.
Strengthen the Relationship
Boost sponsor ROIs and strengthen sponsor relationships
Product Sampling
Use your event to give people the opportunity to try your products and the products of your sponsors..
You provide the products, we take care of the rest.

Relevant, proprietary data - another benefit of being a community owner.

Data captured in our e-commerce system and mobile apps provide festivals and sponsors with the information they need to enrich fan relationships and experiences.


Ask your fans directly.

Users are prompted in-app to decide whether or not to share their opinions, and are rewarded when they do.

Identify the opinions and preferences of users by monitoring them real-time, providing powerful information that allows you to improve the efficiency your services and offer optimization.

ask-your-fans phone-illustration
ask-your-fans phone-illustration

Collect meaningful data!

After acquiring one or more products from the JET8 Mobile Shop, users have the opportunity to share their personal data with the brand, and be rewarded in the process! This further adds to the value of the existing data set available on JET8.

earn-jets phone-illustration
earn-jets phone-illustration

Audience Control.

Taking out your mobile phone at the gate will soon be the norm at all festivals. With an app plus a bracelet, organizers create a more seamless, engaged festival experience for all. Control who comes in or goes out, when and why, through the in-app pooling and checking system.


Do you have a Social Community?

The JET8 Foundation will grant Tokens to support the expansion of decentralised engagement networks (DENs) and the promotion of mutually beneficial relationships between community owners and their users.