Token Sale Results
Public Sale Start Date
28th February, 2018 @ 3PM (Singapore Time)
Public Sale End Date
6th March, 2018 @ 10PM (Singapore Time)
Public Sale Duration
6 days, 7 hours
Public Sale Tokens Sold
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Token address: 0x0D262e5dC4A06a0F1c90cE79C7a60C09DfC884E4
Token name: J8T
Decimals: 8
Last update: 2018/04/04
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Last update: 2018/04/04
Pitch Deck
Last update: 2018/02/27
Token Purchase Agr.
Last update: 2018/02/22
Meet the J8T Token
JET8 is a decentralized mobile engagement network connecting influencers, audiences and brands through the value of social currency.

The new J8T token is the fuel that allows anyone to create, transact and earn in a decentralized engagement network. Download Fotoku, a selfie app integrated with JET8, and start feeling the magic by earning JETS, JET8's social currency.

How it works video
Jetpoints icon
What are JETS

JETS are JET8’s social currency used to reward consumers for likes, comments and shares generated with their daily moments (selfies, pictures and videos).

Jetpoints Wallet icon
How to keep track of JETS?

JETS are stored in JET8’s Wallet, accessible through your app. The Wallet shows how much you earn for the engagement you generate on each piece of content you share.

Company History
  • JET8 is incorporated in Singapore
  • Platforms development efforts begin
  • New offices are inaugurated in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • First partnership with device manufacturer for preinstalls
  • New offices are inaugurated in Manila, Philippines
  • New Singapore Headquarters inaugurated
  • JET8 launches in South East Asia
  • First unbranded assets published for public use
  • First product purchased from JET8's mobile shop using JET8's digital currency
  • First brand starts rewarding influencers with JET8's digital currency in the Philippines
  • First brand starts rewarding influencers with JET8's digital currency in Vietnam
  • Number of posts from Influencers surpasses 1 Million
  • JET8 user network breaks the 300 Million mark worldwide
  • Tenth brand starts rewarding influencers with JET8's digital currency
  • JET8's digital currency circulation reaches 2 Billion throughout the ecosystem
  • New offices are inaugurated in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • First offline purchase at Shop&Go Vietnam using JET8's digital currency

  • First brand starts rewarding influencers with JET8's digital currency in Indonesia
  • First offline purchase at 7Eleven network of 3,000 points of sale in the Philippines using JET8's digital currency
  • POND's wins Silver at ICE Awards with "The Pond's "Pay with Selfie" Sale" campaign using the JET8 digital currency network
  • First offline purchase at Alfamaret's network of 10,000 points of sale in Indonesia using JET8's digital currency
  • New offices are inaugurated in Cape Town, South Africa
  • First brand starts rewarding influencers with JET8's digital currency in South Africa
  • JET8 receives Silver at MMA Smarties Awards for Revive Campaign
  • JET8 receives Silver at MMA Smarties Awards for Yomost Campaign
  • J8T Token Distribution Event
  • Digital services become available to token owners
  • Usage of tokens for the consumption of on and offline retail becomes available on interconnected apps and wallets
  • Beta testing of J8T Token in JET8 ecosystem including major transactions on the blockchain
  • All pillars of liquidity become fully integrated with the JET8 ecosystem on the blockchain
  • Reach of interconnected marketplaces expected to reach 1 billion social accounts worldwide
Token Sale Details
Token icon
Token Sale Icon
Token symbol
Token sale target
Capped, 450,000,000 J8T, 14 days limit*
What is a J8T Token?
An ERC20 utility token that allows anyone to subscribe to and acquire JET8 digital products and services.
Public sale period
Official Public Sale will begin on the 28th of February 2018 3PM SGT (Singapore Time)
Token price
1 ETH = 8,500 J8T
Minimum purchase amount
0.10 ETH (850 J8T)
Maximum purchase amount
100 ETH (850,000 J8T)
Tokens can be purchased with
Stage of development
Operational (product already available to Token owners)
  • Unsold tokens will be burned.
  • Contributions made in ETH will be converted at the prevailing rate on the best offer basis.
Token Allocation Details
* Percentages might change over time.
30% Will be allocated to Contributors during the Token Sale supporting the JET8 Foundation's R&D, Development and Marketing Funds.
45% Will be allocated to the JET8 Foundation for Decentralized Engagement Networks (DEN), fuelling social communities and influencer networks.
11% Will be allocated to partners, advisors and early backers.
12% Will be allocated to JET8's founding and operational team.
2% Will be allocated to the J8T Token sale bounty program participants.
* Percentages might change over time.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Post ICO

The JET8 Foundation and its operating entities are registered in Singapore.

The value of the J8T token is beyond JET8's control given that they are traded freely on an exchange. However, the JET8 team continues to focus all of its efforts on developing a successful, fully-functioning product – and we continue to meet all of the targets laid out on our development timeline. Ultimately, this is the biggest predictor of future value. The successful establishment of the JET8 platform will likely result in improvements in the liquidity of the J8T tokens as more participants seek to purchase and use them to participate in the JET8 ecosystem.

The team is aware of the need to promote liquidity and make it easier to purchase J8T tokens for future use in the JET8 ecosystem. We will continue to work closely with our strategic partners to ensure that this happens. In the event that the J8T token is to be listed on other exchanges, we will be sure to make the necessary announcements.

The 22.5 million J8T tokens from that address were awarded as part of a 30 million token pre- ICO bounty program organised by JET8 for its partners, advisors and consultants. Participants of the bounty program were rewarded with J8T tokens for marketing and publicity tasks that they performed for JET8. The pay-out arrangements for the bounty program was such that the J8T tokens were sent to a single address for a specific partner to then distribute among the relevant partners, advisors and consultants. This was the same address from which the 22.5 million J8T tokens were later transferred.

These partners, advisors and consultants had the choice to deal with their tokens and may have decided to do so to recognise the value of the services rendered. What we would like to assure the community is that the J8T tokens belonging to the JET8 team and the reserves held by the issuing foundation remain locked as we have promised

The foundation's reserves are meant to be deployed only in the best interests of the community, and we are constantly seeking strategic partners to bring added value to the community. As many of you are aware, the JET8 ecosystem builds on an existing JET8 platform that is already functional. The JET8 team has built up experience and relations in the industry and are fully committed to the long-term and sustained growth of the JET8 community. We are confident that, with your continued support, we will be able to further scale the JET8 ecosystem to achieve all that we have envisioned..

In the run-up to the ICO, we conducted a bounty program offering 50 tokens in exchange for each referral to our Telegram account. As part of our marketing and outreach campaigns, participants in our bounty program procured more than 37,000 referrals to subscribe to our Telegram channel. What we had not anticipated when embarking upon this campaign was the extent to which this program could potentially be abused by individuals using bots to acquire free tokens. Though we believe a large number of the users on our Telegram to be genuine, it is clear that many are most likely fake or ‘zombie’ accounts. We are currently working flat-out to investigate this issue and considering a range of options including the potential migration of the group to a new group more focused on JET8’s long-term development.

We received overwhelming interest in our pre-sale, and made the decision to prioritise the most strategic collaborations that will assist JET8 in achieving its long term goals.

It has always been JET8’s plan to appoint a new CEO following the ICO, so that Victor Zabrockis, and the other founding team members can shift their efforts to building and managing the newly formed JET8 Foundation. The team is confident that with his stellar qualifications and experience, Bruce will be a tremendous asset to JET8 as our new CEO, and that Victor, Mike and Joshua’s efforts at the Foundation level will be beneficial to scaling the JET8 ecosystem and the development of Decentralized Engagement Networks.

There were two tiers of pre-sale prices. One pool received J8T Tokens at a 20% discount; the second at a 35% discount. All the details regarding presale discounts, token allocations and lock-ins can be found in the pitch deck on our website.

The total number of J8T Tokens is 1.468B

372 million tokens were sold during the Pre-Sale. Depending on the discount these tokens were sold at, they are locked-in for a period of 3 months to 1 year. All the details regarding presale discounts, token allocations and lock-ins can be found in the pitch deck on our website.

46 million J8T tokens were sold during the public sale. These were unlocked.

165 million tokens are reserved for partners, advisors and early backers and locked for a period of 3 months to 1 year.

180 million J8T tokens are reserved for the JET8 founding and operational team and locked for a period of 3 months to 1 year.

The JET8 Foundation itself holds 675 million tokens to be used for the development and betterment of the JET8 ecosystem.

30 million J8T tokens were distributed under the bounty program. These were unlocked.

Keeping the tokens unlocked was a management decision at the time, based on our understanding that not locking the tokens would provide our prospective token purchasers with greater flexibility and liquidity.

To help people stay informed of all our plans, we’ve added a news section to our official site:

Here we’ll post all official JET8 releases and breaking news.

Furthermore, to facilitate ease of communications and ensure that our response team stays on top of the queries we receive, we have made the move to consolidate our communication through the following email address – [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Pre ICO

1 ETH = 8,500 J8T

Yes - during the pre-sale, we offer a DISCOUNT OF 20% during pre-sale for early investors. JET8 digital products & services can be purchased with J8T Tokens at a preferred rate (10-20% bonus).

We have completed the pre-sale phase.

Official Public Sale will begin on the 28th of February 2018 3PM SGT (Singapore Time).

There will be a total of 1,500,000,000 (1.5 Billion) tokens issued.

A maximum amount of 450,000,000 (450 Million) J8T tokens will be sold during the token sale.

Unsold tokens will be burned.

The total supply of J8T tokens will be fixed at 1,500,000,000 (1.5 Billion). The number of tokens distributed in the public sale will equal 30% of the total supply with the remaining 70% allocated as described in the token sale website and whitepaper.

All the J8T tokens are generated and controlled by smart contracts. Tokens will be sent to buyer's ERC20-protocol compatible wallets after KYC process approved and Ethers sent to JET8 wallet address.

Only Ethers (ETH) will be accepted as payment during the public sale.

The minimum purchase amount per approved buyer is 0,1 ETH (850 J8T). The maximum purchase amount per approved buyer is 100 ETH (850,000 J8T).

Following KYC approval and upon the commencement of the public sale you will receive the tokens at the moment of the purchase.

J8T token can be utilised immediately within the JET8 ecosystem after the public sale.

Yes. JET8 also accepts FIAT currency. However the J8T Token allows lower minimum cost for entry and preferred rates for JET8 products and services (up to 20% discount).

JET8’s headquarters are located in Singapore. In addition, we have offices in Barcelona & Ho Chi Minh and business units in different countries around the world including Manila, Jakarta and Capetown.

The JET8 Social Engagement Platform has been successfully carrying out content to commerce engagement campaigns, user data exchange, surveys and polling services for Fortune 500 brands since 2015. With 15 million app installs worldwide, 1.5 million influencers, a reach of 400 million social accounts, more than 2 million branded selfies and videos published, 60 million engagements (likes, comments and shares) rewarded and over 20,000 convenience stores already accepting the coin as payment for consumer goods, JET8’s mobile engagement platform is fertile ground for growth with the introduction of the J8T token. You are welcome to check out our website to see several success cases ( with existing clients.

Yes it can.

Yes, there are restrictions. Once the crowdsale terms are published, we will also publish the gas and gwei recommendations. Gas will be paid at the transactions for Ether contribution.

J8T Tokens are not being offered or distributed to any citizen/resident of, or a person located or domiciled in, a Restricted Country, which refers to any country that has restricted the sale, issuances, or utilization of cryptocurrency. This includes the United States of America and China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). If you are a Restricted Person and attempt to purchase J8T Tokens from JET8, JET8 shall not be liable in any way whatsoever to you, and reserves the right to take all necessary action to avoid any liability as a result of your attempted purchase, including cancelling your token purchase.

JET8 decided to launch a Token Sale for the benefits of integrating blockchain technology into our existing tokenised ecosystem, for improved functionality and the ability to scale and open the platform for global accessibility, diversity, transparency and service efficiency.

  • Prepares the JET8 ecosystem for early compliance with the GDPR.
  • Ingrains trust, accuracy and transparency through an automated system.
  • Optimisation of the current layout of the ecosystem, enhancing credibility and data trust.
  • A single ledger of transactions for streamlined operations, communication and workflow activities.
  • Integration of the current data repository, resulting in no loss of data of systemic upheaval.
  • No behavioral changes will be required by the client.
  • Users will be even more comfortable to engage due the transparency of personal data collection.
  • Provides an additional layer of accountability to the current JET8 rewards for engagement model.
  • Increased transparency and trust in the verification and analysis of all transactions.
  • The increased traceability, efficiency and reliability of transactions will create a healthy environment for the marketplaces and custom shops within the ecosystem.
  • The JET8 Foundation will distribute Tokens for research and development to support the expansion of decentralised communities of social engagement, beyond the JET8 ecosystem. Responsibilities include cold storage and security, marketing, resources, personnel, technology, and the future development implementation scheme that will guide the full integration of the J8T Token into the JET8 ecosystem.
  • The JET8 Foundation’s aim is to facilitate the empowerment of decentralised engagement networks through the support and advancement of related technology, systems and tools that give ecosystem members the ability to expand their reach whilst providing relationships of mutual value.
  • The JET8 Foundation is non-profit and independent entity governed by a democratic board responsible for governance and administration of the J8T Token.
  • 30% will be allocated to Contributors during the Token Sale supporting the JET8 Foundation's R&D;, Development and Marketing Funds, 45% will be allocated to the JET8 Foundation for Decentralized Engagement Networks (DEN), fuelling social communities and influencer networks, 11% will be allocated to partners, advisors and early backers, 12% will be allocated to JET8's founding and operational team and 2% will be allocated to the J8T Token sale bounty program participants.
  • The Foundation will execute policies and protocols in according to the laws of responsible and democratic governance.
Engagement Services

Entry Point Fiat USD 10,000
Entry Point JET8 Tokens 50,000

1 Co2Co Engagement
USD 10,000
2 Social Sampling
USD 10,000
3 Data Mining UDEP
USD 10,000
4 Data Mining Polling
USD 10,000
5 Full Stack
USD 10,000
6 Sticker / Frame Collection
USD 10,000
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