Engaging Everything Mobile

"Providing smartphone users with branded assets in order to inspire user generated mobile content is no longer an option, it’s a must."

Victor Zabrockis Creator of Jet8

It's all about Assets

Co-creation is part of a modern social phenomenon which can now be efficiently managed by brands. Jet8’s Platform allows brands and agencies to target, publish, syndicate and track the social life of branded assets.

Below you can find a range of branded asset formats and how they interact with mobile users when syndicated through the Jet8 Engagement Platform.


Share a link for collaborators and clients to open on their desktop or mobile device.
Or revolutionize your design meetings with LiveShare, our real-time presentation and whiteboarding tool.


Reach over 150 million mobile consumers in SEA.
Acquire an army of brand advocates and influencers who really matter.
Don´t just target. Let users choose your brand too. Discover a blue sea of mobile engagement formats by allowing mobile users to invite your brand into the conversation.


Brands get a full Creative Solution in just one place. FREE asset creation and use rights for a 6 months period. Available only for brands signing up for JET8 until March 1st, 2016.
A rich catalogue of socially relevant and audience oriented cartoon/comic characters for brands to choose from in order to build the right localised branded content strategy for mobile engagement. Find more about JET8´s proprietary graphics collection here.
Manage assets seamlessly with JET8´s Brand/Agency dashboard. It´s never been so easy. No integration necessary.


With the help of JET8´s mobile engagement support team, directly syndicate assets to millions of mobile influencers via the DOT.ME (Digitally Oriented Traceability of Mobile EngagementTM) technology and manage all campaigns from one integrated platform and dashboard.
Make the most of your mobile advocates with JET8´s customizable, mobile app specific targeting and large array of data analytics visualisations.
Measure results across Apps, countries, mobile operators, device brands, gender, age groups and language. Brands using JET8 benefit from the industry´s most accurate measurement and attribution engine.


Understand true engagement metrics and pull impact with the most trusted metrics. Learn from real users. Study and quickly react to how users create branded content, to how social networks consume and react to branded content and to how customers react to rewards and your mobile commerce offerings.
Real time data for what campaigns are engaging now, for engagement realised and for understanding the future behaviour of users. Improving results require very little fine tuning.
JET8´s integrated mobile engagement platform provides the most granular brand engagement measurement tools in the industry. Above impact, Brands can now easily produce reports on real engagement created by its branded content.

Fixed Rate Buying

Understand your audience how your assets perform throughout a continent with JET8´s fixed rate engagement insurance. Get a real time view on attribution.
Get access to the largest community of mobile branded content creators, engage whole communities on your own terms on a fraud free environment.
Take advantage of JET8´s full-funnel measurement tools in order to maximize results. JET8´s DOT.METM technology provides certification that all branded content is viewed by real mobile users and that all engagement generated is realised not estimated.

User Reward System

Reward only those who matter via JET8´s virtual currency. True engagement means true rewards and now your product will be available by one click on a seamless mobile experience.
Get your dollars working for you on an efficient fidelity cycle without the need of click throughs or ad conversion rates. Rewards in JET8 mean true purchasing power by brand advocates.
Offer your products to those consumers who engage with your brand first. Featured products will always be yours when the user is closer to you. JET8´s Programatic mobile commerce suite shows your product first so that sales can take place when it matters to people.

App reward system

Apps get rewarded too. Now your investment makes sure app developers create the best environments and social experiences for your brand to co-exist.
When users get rewarded apps get rewarded too. JET8´s collaborative and integrated reward system creates the perfect ecosystem for the expansion of brands´ social presence.
Performance based results make JET8 risk free for brands. Get true engagement and only pay for what you get. If it does not work for you, get your money back.
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